Protect your nest egg from market loss while participating in market gains? Tax deferral?
Guaranteed income for life? Yes please!

Annuities are, admittedly, complex and confusing. They are often misunderstood, and even improperly designed and sold to uninformed clients by ill-informed agents. These confusing and sometimes bad experiences have caused some to shy away from using this powerful asset protection and income-producing tool. In retirement, the challenge begins when you look to turn your hard-earned assets into a reliable and worry-free income for life. Or perhaps you’re just looking to grow your money to outpace inflation without risk of market loss, so it’s there when you need it, or to pass along efficiently to your heirs. In either case, the team at Vantage can help you make a confident decision so you can stop worrying and walk with a spring in your step knowing you have a plan that will protect your hard-earned assets and profit greatly along the way!
The expert team at Vantage is your partner for making the decision about how an annuity might fit in your financial plan a simple and easy one! We run regular reports on the marketplace of thousands of available products to identify exactly what are the best products, by the best carriers, with the best track records, every year.
If you already have an annuity, our proprietary software and calculators can help you determine exactly how well your annuity is doing for you and compare it to available alternatives. Let us review your annuity to make sure it is serving your purpose as well as it should and could be!
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