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If you’re a business owner and you need a creative solution to compensate and keep your top people, consider our executive bonus plans. This type of insurance offers a tangible way to show appreciation to your employees by providing something of lasting value and protection; this even improves retirement outcomes.

Other plans for business owners and employees include Buy-Sell agreement life insurance — one of the most under-utilized, yet highly critical planning elements that every business with multiple owners should have completed and updated annually. Without this plan, the death or disability of an owner or partner can trigger a domino effect that will cripple a company. Don’t let this happen to your life’s work!

There are many plans that business owners can take advantage of that protect everyone’s interests. Read more about our comprehensive financial options and solutions for businesses by clicking the link below!


We have solutions to protect against the loss of a key leader, director, or pastor, and solutions for donors and key supporters. We show you and your passionate supporters strategies that will make their generous contributions multiply many times over and have massive impact, far beyond what would otherwise be possible!


With a family, you can’t take many risks. Our wealth plans for families are simple and easy to implement, and they’re designed to withstand life. And, just like family, we’ll be by your side to help you figure things out. We’ll guide you through the time-tested principles that help you understand the order of priorities in your financial life, and how to manage your money and assets in a way that builds predictable, generational, financial freedom.
The Vantage PWF Strategy (Perpetual Wealth Financing) positions your money to grow perpetually impervious to market risk, taxation, and lost opportunity costs… for generations! This means that you can build a family banking system that is simple, sustainable, and will ultimately make a more massive difference in your wealth long-term than any other strategy. This impressive yet simple solution is all about true financial freedom and independence.
We’ll show you how to enjoy the peace of mind few ever do, and attain a level of financial freedom most never achieve. You’ll be able to enjoy the best things in life, while being protected from the worst things life can throw at you, right alongside your family!
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Learn about what solutions are available to help you make your savings funding work smarter and harder for you. Our plans for individuals will help you build a bright and prosperous future so you can continue doing what you enjoy doing to make the world a better place.


The expert team at Vantage is your partner for making financial planning decisions for your future. As people approach their retirement years, it becomes increasingly important to make sure they have a reliable stream of income to cover their expenses. Vantage can help create investment strategies that will generate income, and work with you to create a comprehensive plan to protect your retirement savings, manage risks, and ensure your ability to pass on an inheritance to your loved ones.

Retirees face unique financial challenges as they switch from building their wealth and retirement, to taking income and planning legacy. The problem begins when you try to use the same principles and strategies you used to build wealth, for turning that wealth into a secure retirement with lasting income. The rules change in retirement. You must now know how to shift to the best strategies for offsetting risk and volatility, avoiding taxation, fighting inflation, and preparing for extended (and inflated) health care costs. That’s where Vantage comes in to guide you to the simple and powerful solutions to give you the true peace of mind you seek