Dariush Morid

Dariush Morid

Founder and CEO of PersAmerica, a Vantage Affiliate Company

While working in the Public and Private sector as a business leader, Dariush became troubled by some common financial problems that became impossible to ignore. These problems, he realized, have negatively impacted the legacy and heritage of families, the longevity and profitability of businesses, as well as the peace of mind and security of individuals for centuries. He witnessed the reality that there are storms perpetually looming that people often don’t see coming, until it’s too late and their financial ruin is upon them.

These are: The lack of a well-thought and properly crafted financial strategy: Most well-meaning, intelligent, and hard-working people lack a well-thought and properly crafted financial strategy. They are often so focused on what is in front of them that they completely lose sight of where they’ll end up financially in 10, 20, or 30 years from now. This prevalent problem also stems from another – the rampant lack of financial literacy and education in society today.

Shortly after immigrating from the Middle East to the United States, Dariush realized that the formal educational system simply does not teach people what they must know about finances, investments, retirement, and tax planning to enjoy lasting prosperity and peace of mind.

Seeing this dire need, and the suffering it caused, drove Dariush to seek to find the most effective ways to help his community solve those problems. He knew he must be part of the solution to empower families, businesses, and individuals to achieve a profitable and secure financial situation for decades to come. Having carefully reviewed the uniquely effective strategies, products, and educational approach that Vantage Insurance & Wealth Strategies employs, Dariush passionately joined forces with them in challenging the status quo and helping clients live their best lives.
Outside of work, you’ll find him taking long walks on the beaches of Orange County or volunteering in recovery programs to help people recover from addictions. Dariush also finds great joy in writing songs and performing music. Zealous for life and living it well, he also makes time for working out, playing soccer, or pursuing his next personal development adventure. When it comes to choosing your guide and trusted advocate for your financial prosperity, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone as honest and committed to your success as Dariush.